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Question Answer When did Georgia adopt its first state consitution? 1777 These Georgians were loyal to Great Britain? Tories These Georgians wanted freedom from Great Britain? Patriots or Whigs The _________ _______ was a tax on a newspapers, legal documents,and licenses. Stamp Act The British taxed the colonies to pay for this war. French and […]

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is considered second ranked hospital out of 100 in the Country, but has different rankings in certain specialties it offers. They offers a lot of different treatments. If you were going for treatment for an illness, why not go to the place that rank high in treatments? Mayo Clinic ranked number one […]

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Question Answer Who were the NSDAP The Nazi Party Who were the Aryans The German people who Hitler thought were superior Who were the Herrenvolk The German 'Master race' Who were the Anschluss The union of Germany and Austria In what year did Hitler join the Nazi party 1919 Who were the brownshirts (SA) The […]


Question Answer Unicameral one house legislature bicameral legislature consisting of two parts, or houses federal system the sharing of power between federal and state government preamble opening section of the constitution popular sovereignty the notion that the power lies with the people separation of powers split authority of the branches checks and balances each branch […]

Importance of Leadership in Managing Change

This assignment will analytically assess the statement “Leadership is the most important factor in Managing Change”. Firstly it will look at defining leadership, and will make a comparison of leadership versus management. It will discuss the importance of leadership and its role in managing change. The essay will consider the strength and weaknesses of the […]

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Question Answer What did Fitzgerald write? The Great Gatsby What was the Harlem Renaissance? The rebirth of African-America culture What was "the spirit of st.louis"? Wealthy people from St.Louis came together and provided supplies for the trip. What was the nineteenth amendment? women suffrage What was the eighteenth amendment? Prohibition Why did the U.S. not […]

Why do you appreciate America?

I stand respectfully beside others, my right hand placed gently over my heart. A lump forms in my throat and goose bumps prickle up my arms as I anticipate the singer hitting the high note in the line from the National Anthem, “For the Land of the Free. ” When they nail the note, I […]

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Question Answer Appeasement the Munich agreement became known as "appeasement" The French and British agreed to accept the German demands in Czechoslovakia in return for Hitler's promise to not expand any farther. Hitler occupied the remainin areas of Czech, violatin the agreement Atlantic Charter (Roosevelt & Churchill) the 2 nations set out "certain common principles" […]

Manager Name

The store also sells outdoor accessories such as knives, Goops, backpacks and footwear. Manager Name and Title at Company: The manager’s name is Greg Snoods and his title is the store manager (the only manager there), and he also is an international buyer for the company. Duties and Responsibilities (top three): Gregg top three responsibilities […]

Mr. Cutaia english colonies

Question Answer John Winthrop(New England) formed Massachusetts, church representations elected Thomas Hooker(New England) formed Connecticut, puritans Roger Williams(New England) Rhode island, toleration for religions puritans(New England) seven children, town meeting decide laws Dutch surrendered New Netherlands to the English proprietary colonies king gives land to proprietors Quakers spoke out against war and refused to serve […]

End of WW1

Term Definition Stalemate Any position or situation in which no action can be taken or progress made. In this unit, it means that neither the Allies or Central Powers could move forward due mainly to the trenches. Covenant an agreement. In this unit, it means for all countries to have an agreement to stay peaceful […]

Tanglewood Case

Tangled is trying to achieve a accompanied environment that mirrors their blueprint of how they ran their 10 stores in 1984. The structure at that time was focused on employee participation, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The company’s culture and values are distinct from most of their competitors. This allows each employee or associate an environment […]

Great Depression

Term Definition Credit An arrangement for making a purchase with borrowed money, which will be paid at a later date. New Deal A plan given by President Franklin Roosevelt, intended to bring the country out of the Great Depression by providing economic relief, recovery and reform. Speculation Making risky purchases on the stock market, in […]


Disney BY accelerate Respond paper to ” Construction of the Female Self: Feminist Readings of the Disney Heroine” Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, and Pocahontas are five Disney stories in which the female self is embedded. The feminist standpoint theory discus the idea of the “perfect girl” and its consequences […]

homo people1

Question Answer What is their nickname? Lucy, Southern Ape Where are they located? Afar Triangle, Africa When where they living? 3 to 4 million years ago What did they look like? 3 feet tall, mixed of ape and human qualities. Arms are long . Large head and forehead and jaw stuck out. Capabilites Biped – […]

homminds 2

Question Answer What is their nickname? Handy Man Where were they located Africa When did they live? 1.5 to 2 million years ago What did they look like? Over 4 feet tall. Ape and human features. Brain twice the size of Lucy's Capabilitiesq

Graduate Study Challenges

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Sociolinguistics Success is a term for which we all aspire. It means different things to every people. To me, success is not defined by material possessions but to be able to improve personally and professionally in a way that allows me to give back to the community. According […]

7th Grade Middle East vocabulary terms

Term Definition culture the learned behavior of people civilization a culture that has highly advanced economic, social, and political systems Nomadic a group that moves from place to place in search of food Sedentary settled, not moving Arabian Peninsula an area of land off Southwest Asia between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf Mesopotamia […]

Final examination

Identify an organization not previously selected and recommend methods to reduce costs. What effects do technologies have on costs? What are some lower-cost sources the organization can utilize to reduce costs? What considerations might cause a profit-maximizing firm to decide to forgo using lower-cost sources? Economics – General Economics ECHO 561 Week 1-6 Everything elected […]

of Versailles

Question Answer The Treaty of Versailles did what? Forced Germany to take blame for World War 1 Where was the Treaty of Versailles made? The palace of Versailles Who was the Treaty of Versailles made to? Germany When was the Treaty of Versailles made? 1919 Why was it made? To punish Germany

Spoken language

Our spoken language has changed a lot over the years, words we use know probably would not make any sense to those who live years ago. Simple phrases such as “sick” would normally describe a person who is ill, however as it has become a big part of the teenage vocabulary the meaning has been […]

OCMS History

Question Answer Samurai Noble warriors of Japan who were absolutely loyal and very good with swords, spears, and bows Shogun Military ruler of all of Japan, second only to the emperor in power Bushido Code of the Samurai: bravery and honor above all things, even one's own life Province A smaller territory of land with […]


Question Answer Statute law writen by legislative branch census poulation count taken by the census bureau Commute to reduece a criminals sentence parole to grant a prisoner an early release from prison, with certain restrictions Civil case person or group taking legal action against another person or group misdemeanor a relitively small offence such as […]

Week Three Learning Team Reflection

Letting Bill know the required task specifically… To create an updated procedure manual requested by Anne. This will let him know how and why he was selected; specifically due to his expertise. Risky needs to convey that this is the ultimate task, and he is entrusting Bill to have this accomplished within a specific timeline, […]

Post WW2

Term Definition Postwar Prosperity An American period of unprecedented economic growth following World War II. Consumerism The belief that it is good for people to spend a lot of money on goods and services. Sunbelt The southern United States from California to Florida, noted for economic opportunities in defense and high-tech industries, and population growth […]