History Test on Central and South America

Question Answer South America is a continent of great ___ contrast South America has almost every type of ___ landform The world's largest tropical rainforest is located in ____ _____ South America The largest river in the world is ___ The Amazon River Angel Fall's is found in the country of ___ Venezuela One of […]

social studies

Question Answer Kingdom and period ruled Khufu Old kingdom 2251-2528 B.C Kingdom and period ruled Hatsheput New Kingdom 1473-1458 B.C. Kingdom and period ruled Ramses New Kingdom 1290-1224 B.C. Kingdom and period ruled Senusret Middle Kingdom 1971-1926 B.C. Accomplishment Khufu great pyramid-statues/monuments-temples-smallertombs Accomplishment Hatsheput rose to power-trade expeditions-Dayr al-Bahre Accomplishment Ramses temple complex-age of ID […]


Question Answer Renaissance The time period of learning and arts in europe around 1300-1600 Humanism the focus on the potential of people and on life on earth compared to the afterlife in heaven Renaissance man a person who is skilled in many areas patron a person who supports the arts realism the details in art. […]

Study Guide for TExES Competency 020

Term Definition What are the 5 periods that divides world history Ancient World The Age of Discovery Middle Ages Revolution and Industry Modern World This world focuses on the development of the the first humans, the first farmers, and the first civilizations. Emphasizes the history of the civilizations of (Mesopotamia, Sumer, Assyriam Babylon, Egypt, The […]

egypt vocab

Question Answer delta very fertile, flat land made of silt dropped by a river as it drains int a larger body of water;usually fan shaped unification the joining of separate parts into one pharaoh the name given to all the rulers of Egypt old kingdom a country in egypt that lasted from about 2700 B.C […]

Questions over the Texas Revolution

Question Answer In which time period did the Texas Revolution take place? 1833-1836 Which five major battles occured during the Texas Revolution? Battle of Gonzales, Battle of Goliad, Siege of Bexar, Battle of the Alamo, Battle of San Jancinto What significance did these battles have towards the independance of Texas? If the American colonists had […]

Expansao Ultramarina Europeia

Data Evento 1415 Inicio das navegacoes portuguesas D. Joao I – investida militarista, conquistou Ceuta 1420 Infante D. Henrique – ilha da Madeira 1434 Gil Eanes venceu o Cabo Bojador, no Saara espanhol 1455 Cabo Verde 1488 Bartolomeu Dias atingiu o limite da Africa , dobrando o cabo das Tormentas, rebatizando-o de Cabo da Boa […]

6.1 West African

Question Answer What is a Silent Barter? A process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly Who is Tunka Manin? The Empire reached it's peak under his ruleing Who is a Sundiata? Mali's rise to power began under a ruler Who is Mansa Musa? Mali's most famous ruler was a Muslim […]

Sejarah words

Term Definition kaji study mengkaji studying asli original manakala while merujuk refer hasil result penulisan writing kepada to penting important tepat accurate benar TRUE tinggalan remains tumbuhan plants nashkah paper cipta create reka cipta design creation langkah steps contoh example rakaman recording kaedah method sejarawan historian utama the main one iaitu that is temu bual […]

Life in New Spain

Question Answer society a group of people forming a community plantation large farms with many workers who lived on the land they worked encomienda granted a peninsulare control of all of the native peoples who lived on an area of land missionary Someone who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs […]

Latin America’s Physical features population and environmental concerns and cult

Term Definition Atcama Desert Most dry region of South America it is to the west of the Andes mountains and is located in Chile Amazon River A river located in Brazil best place ever and runs through da rainforest longest river in Latin America Gulf of Mexico Body of water located to the east of […]

This is the Vocabulary for my 6th period Social Studies class.

Term Definition Nationalism Excessive pride in ones nation Militarism Policy of building a strong military to to prepare for war Kaiser Title of German empire Central Powers Military alliance of Germany, Austria- Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire during World War I Allied Powers Military alliance of France, Italy, Britain, Russia, and 20 other nations […]

Ch 2: WW 1

Term Definition Triple Entente France, Russia, and Britain who opposed the Triple Alliance. They hoped to reduce the threat of war. Central Powers/ Triple Alliance Members of the Triple Alliance(Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy) Allies Members of the Triple Entente(France, Russia, and Britain) Sam Hughes Put in charge at Canada's armament industry. He created the Shell […]

Vocabulary for CCB SS

Term Definition absolute complete, unconditional and unrestricted Usually in reference to someone in power; monarchy amendments a change to a document such as the Constitution analyze to break information into parts democracy a type of government in which the power to rule comes from the people direct democracy a form of government in which citizens […]

history 266

Question Answer defined "white mans burden" as the duty of european and euro american peoples to bring order and enlightenment to distant lands rudyard kipling sepoys indian troops the great game russian and british military officers and imperialist adventurers engaged in a risky pursuit of influence and intelligence to prepare for the war for india […]


Term Definition assembly a group charter a written code of rules or laws declaration a statement social contract the idea that government is a contract between leaders and the people legislature a lawmaking body peer someone who is of equal standing to another representative government a form of government in which the people elect others […]

Dave Ramsey test 1-27-15

Question Answer Growth and Income Funds large-cap always check this record when investing 5-10 year track record spread around the risk diversification piece of ownership in company stock share list of your investments portfolio least liquid of all investments rental real estate degree of uncertainty of the return on an investment risk Aggressive Growth Funds […]

Egypt info

Question Answer what is the capital of Egypt? Cairo why did the ancient Egyptians built pyramids? because after the pharoahs die thet are still royalty so they are make them into mummies and put them in the pyramids why did the ancient Egyptians settled by the Nile River? because Egypt is in the desert and […]

Test this Thursday

Question Answer Who is George Washington He was the first president of the United State What was the battle of Saragha It was in New York Who was the two patriots that rode the horseback to warn the minutemen that the British is coming Paul Revere and William Daul Why did the soldiers march at […]

WWI glossary terms

Question Answer IMPERIALISM The policy of one nation acquiring, controlling, or dominating another country or region. MILITARISM A nation's policy of enlisting, training, equipping, and maintaining armed forces ready for war. TRIPLE ALLIANCE The alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy prior to the First World War. TRIPLE ENTENTE The alliance of France, Britain, and Russia […]

We are Studying The Revolution

Question Answer Which Group where Rich Wealthy Merchants Loyalists Which Battle did the British Learn that the Partiots where hiding gunpowder and cannons Battle Of Lexington and Concord Who were the two Patriots that rode on horseback to warn the colonists"The regulars are coming."? Paul Revere and William Dawes Which side shot first at the […]

Test on Thursday

Question Answer Which group were wealthy older merchants? Loyalists Which group were landowners? Loyalists Which battle did the British learn that Patriots were storing gunpowder and cannons? Battle of Lexington and Concord Leader of the COntinental Army George Washington Thomas Jefferson Wrote the Decleration of Independnce

Saatskunde USA, Schweiz

Question Answer Wie heissen die acht verschiedenen Schweizer Parteien? SVP, CVP, FDP, SP, Grune, SD, BDP, GLP Nenne die sieben verschiedenen Departemente. (Schweiz) Uvekm Volkswirtschaft, EJPD, VBS, EDA, EDI, Finanzdepartement Welche Bundesrate vetreten welche Parteien und Departemente? (Schweiz) Uvek-D.Leuthard-CVP, Volkswirtschaft-J.Schneider Amman-FDP, EJPD- S.Sommaruga-SP, VBS-U.Maurer-SVP, EDA-M.Calmey Rey-SP, EDI-P.Burckhalter-FDP, Finanzdepart-E.Widmer Schlumpf-BDP Nenne die Personen(gruppen) die in der […]

Chapter 16 Vocabulary

Term Definition conquistador conqueror immunity resistance alliance association civil war war within same nation viceroy royal representative plantation large estate for workers encomienda right to demand labor or taxes peon forced laborer peninsular colonist born in Spain creole American-born descendant of Spanish settler mestizo Native American and Spanish descendant mulatto African and Spanish descendant privateer […]

Final Review

Question Answer Central Powers triple alliance, German, Austro Hungarian, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Bulgaria, petition Italian intervention rejected declaring war on Kingdom of Serbia Triple Entente duel alliance protection against Russia threatened Hungarian control of Slavic peasantry, 1882 Italy join, Bismark, servant agreements guaranteed British claims in Egypt, French claims Morocco. British-French alliance Schliefen Plan […]