Numerical integration coursework

Problem For this coursework, I am going to use my knowledge of numerical methods to produce an approximation to an area which does not have an analytic solution. I will be finding the approximation, to an appropriate degree of accuracy, of the integral shown above. On the graph below is the area that I will […]

The Cape Of Good Hope In 1501 History

The age of find started with the West African Coast. The geographic expedition of the West African seashore was a readying for the gap of the India trade. This geographic expedition led the manner for the India Trade and was where it all began. The Crown, which Prince Henrys rights reverted to, was enthusiastic to […]

Use IT tools effectively to aid communications

Using ICT tools, create a portfolio of examples to show how, as an employee of RAINBOW, you might use ICT tools effectively to aid communications both with volunteers and with visually impaired clients. Spell Checker: A spell checker tool is really useful. It is incorporated in lots of websites and even on this document. It […]

Descriptive Writing: A beautiful landscape or natural scene which has stuck in your memory

I finally arrived at my abode. I was not aware of this previously, but now I was most definitely sure this was the moment I had been waiting for, ever since I read about this wonderful place, eight years ago. There I stood, in the scorching summer of Saudi Arabia. It was baking. The air […]

Unmasking Anxiety with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is not that uncommon that an individual may be late for work. They might begin to rush, and perhaps forget something at home that they needed. They may beat themselves up all day for having put themselves in that position. This scenario reflects typical anxiety. It is a normal reaction to stress by the […]

F & N coursework sample

COURSEWORK TASK 1 1. Eggs are an important food for different people. Show how eggs can be included in different ways in a variety of dishes. Eggs as an important food The types of eggs? – Hen eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs Traditional value of eggs? – Used in Easter’s celebration Nutritional value of eggs? […]

Edexcel GCSE Statistics Coursework plan

This investigation is based upon the students of Mayfield High School, a fictitious school- there are 1182 students at Mayfield presented within 13 categories. I will be investigating the relationship between height and weight and how these statistics differ between females and males. I have chosen to look at height and weight mainly because in […]

The application of Hook’s law and SHM to calculate K (spring constant)

Practical 2- The application of Hook’s law and SHM to calculate K (spring constant) One example of simple harmonic motion is the oscillation of a mass on a spring. The period of oscillation depends on the spring constant of the spring and the mass that is oscillating. The equation for the period, T, where m […]

Daily life in the 1600s

To understand what life was like in the 1600s, try to imagine a world without the convenience of things we take for granted today. Life without electricity, running water, cars, telephones, bathrooms, shopping centres, and clothing stores–can you imagine that? Now take one of these examples a move further: Without electricity, there are no lights […]

Why did Roosevelt defeat Hoover in the 1932 Presidential election?

The 1932 Presidential election was fought between Franklin Roosevelt of the Democrats and Herbert Hover of the Republicans. In 1932 America was suffering from depression. Banks and businesses were closing every day and unemployment was soaring. People supported Roosevelt because of many reasons. One reason was that they had lost their jobs. Many of America’s […]