* Cook Unit 3 European History

Question Answer Which man helped Portugal take an early lead in exploration? Prince Henry the Navigator What were some of the reasons for early exploration? To find a sea route to Asia To expand Christianity To expand their knowledge of the world To open up new markets for trade What were the reasons for establishing […]

Groups and Formal Organizations

Question Answer Group at least two people who have one or more goals in common and share ways of thinking and behaving. Social category people who share a social characteristic. Social aggregate people temporarily in the same place at the same time. Primary group people who are emotionally close, know one another well, and seek […]

Civics and Economics chapter 15 definitions

Term Definition Common Law a system of law based on precedent and customs Precedent a ruling that is used as the basis for a judicial decision in a later, similar case Statue a law written by the legislative branch Plaintiff a person or party filing a lawsuit Defendant an individual or group being sued or […]

Aerospace 1

Question Answer How many different shapes did the Wright brothers cut for their second glider? More than 200 Where did the Wright brothers get their engine for their Flyer? Their bicycle mechanist built it for them What did Wilbur write home when the Flyer crashed after 3.5 seconds in the air? There is no question […]

Ch.4 Notes

Question Answer Eygpt Gift of the Nile civilization owed it s life to the nile provided water and flood Nile longest river over 4,000 miles flows north central africa to the mediterranean sea Nile floods twice a year dropping silt over the land flooding cause productive agricultural region anceint eygpt 2 regions

Big Business and Growing Industry

Term Definition Consumers All people who buy and consume products for themselves or a family member Consumer Goods Products made for people to buy, such as clothes, cooking, stoves, furniture, etc. Reaper A machine for harvesting wheat, invented by Cyrus McCormick in V.A., in the 1830's Mechanization The shift to a greater use of machines, […]

Ch. 10 QUIZ

Question Answer What was Byzantium renamed? "New Rome" In what year did Constantinople become the capital of the Eastern Empire? 395 the first great leader of the Byzantine Empire Justinian 1 Justinian's gifted general; reestablished the Roman imperium over North Africa, Italy, and parts of Spain Belisarius the most magnificent church building of the early […]

SW Asia/M.E. History

Question Answer Pogrom Organized massacres Diaspora Scattering of Jews for their originial home land Minority Smaller gorup of people who differs from and who are treated differently than the rest of the population Anti-Semitism Hatred or discrimination towards Jewish people Holocaust Killing of people (jews included) that did not fit Hitler's view of the perfect […]

Ch. 11 QUIZ

Question Answer The earliest monks lived in the wilderness as what? Hermits abstinence from marriage celibacy perched alone for 37 years atop a stone pillar over 50 feet high Simeon Stylites religious communities isolated from the rest of society Monasteries monasteries for nuns Convents Life in a monastery followed rigid rules called what? Orders An […]

Ch. 11 QUIZ

Question Answer the Duke of Saxony; was elected to act as king of Germany; started the Saxon line of kings Henry the Fowler Emperor of the Romans; "gave birth" to the Holy Roman Empire Otto the Great What line of emperors succeeded the Saxons? Salians Under whom did the German monarchy reach its peak of […]

executive branch

Question Answer compensation salary of the president President Succession The order in which officials fill the office of the president in case of vacancy Elector member of a party chosen in each state to formally elect the president and vice president Electoral vote The official vote for president and vice president by electors in each […]

Ch. 9 QUIZ

Question Answer During whose reign did the Christians experience their first major persecution by the Romans? Nero What disciple was beheaded? Apostle Paul What disciple was crucified upside down? Apostle Peter The second great persecution erupted when what emperor demanded to be worshiped? Domitian What disciple was exiled to the island of Patmos? Apostle John […]

Ch. 9 QUIZ

Question Answer local places where Jews gathered to worship Synagogues converts Proselytes the "Anointed One" of God Messiah married into a Jewish family, ruled Judaea in Palestine as the local king and deputy of Rome Herod the Great the 12 men Jesus appointed to carry on His work of preaching and teaching after His death […]

the american revolution

Question Answer define stamp act? tax on all printed materials define "no tax without representation" ? not many prople to say that there should be taxes define inrolerable acts ? cannot self govern, laws that the parlimnt passed define decleration of independance ? document about giving independance to other countries why did the americans resist […]

Test 3 Dates

Date Event AD 30 Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ AD 64 Roman Persecution under Nero AD 64 Apostles Peter and Paul martyred AD 313 Edict of Milan legalizes Christianity AD 395 Byzantium Renamed Constantinople and Capital of Eastern Roman Empire AD 395 Eastern and Western Roman Empire Divides AD 732 Charles Martel Defeats Muslims […]

social studies

Question Answer a good that one country buys from another import a good that one country sells to another export written plan of goverment constitution all the things that surround us including air water land and trees envinonent amount of a product that is available supply business of groing crops and raising animals agriculture government's […]

to go with maps

Question Answer Allied Powers the 23 countries allied against the Central Powers in WWI and the 49 countries allied against the Axis in the 2nd World War Atlas a book containing a collection of maps Axis alliance of Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan and Romania during the 2nd World War Central Powers alliance between […]

Exploration & Colonization

Question Answer Gold, glory, and God The primary reasons that the European explorers came to the "New World" of the Americas: to get rich, to gain glory back home, and to become missionaries to the Native Americans. Spain One of the most powerful of the European nations that set up colonies in the Americas. It […]

Deviance and Social Control

Question Answer deviance behavior that departs from societal or group norms negative deviance behavior that fails to meet accepted norms positive deviance behavior that overconforms to social expectations deviant a person who breaks significant societal or group norms social control ways to encourage behavior that is in line with society's norms social sanctions rewards or […]

Unit 3 The Road for Empire

Question Answer Columbian Exchange The transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the Americas and Europe, Asia, and Africa. Circumnavigate To travel all the way around the globe. Conquistador A Spanish soldier and explorer who led military expeditions in the Americas and captured land for Spain. Encomienda System A system in Spanish America that gave […]

Vocab. for Horribly Hard Middle School

Question Answer Tardiness The quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual time Waggish Humorous in a playful, mischievous manner Aspiration A hope or ambition of achieving something Articulate Showing the ability of being able to speak fluently and coherently Deter To discourage from doing something Concur To be of the opinion; […]

8th grade social studies

Question Answer What is the executives dutie? to enforce laws What is the legislatures dutie? to make/write the laws what is the judicials duties? to interpret the laws define constitution… explains the purpose,describess its organization, and states the powers of a government. and has had 11 constitutions. define Bicameral… describes a legislature body made up […]

Social Structure and Society

Question Answer role an expected behavior associated with a particular status right a behavior that individuals expect from others obligation a behavior that individuals are expected to perform towards others role performance the actual conduct, or behavior, exhibited by people as they carry out a role social interaction any of the processes by which people […]

Human Geography

Question Answer demography is the statistical study of human populations population density the average number of people living in an area birthrate the number of live births each year for every 1000 people living in a place death rate the number of deaths each year for every 1000 people living in a place emigrant a […]

Îñíîâí³ ïî䳿

Question Answer Ôîðòåöÿ, ñïîðóäæåíà ïîëÿêàìè íà Äí³ïð³ Êîäàê ×èãèðèíñüêèé ïîëêîâíèê, îäèí ³ç ñïîäâèæíèê³â Áîãäàíà Õìåëüíèöüêîãî Âåðøíÿê ̳ñòî, â ÿêîìó Áîãäàí Õìåëüíèöüêèé âèäàâ â ê³íö³ 1648 ðîêó óí³âåðñàë ç âèìîãîþ äî ïîëÿê³â Îñòðîã Ñîðàòíèê Áîãäàíà Õìåëüíèöüêîãî Êðèâîí³ñ ̳ñòî â Çàõ³äí³é Óêðà¿í³, ÿêå áóëî çäîáóòå Ì.Êðèâîíîñîì ó æîâòí³1648 ðîêó Ëüâ³â Ôîðòåöÿ íà ð³÷ö³ Áóã, äå ïîòðàïèëî â […]