My assignments

For this assignment you have to answer the questions pertaining to case studies from Newell et al. ‘s book in the form of essays. For the first essay you can choose which one of two cases you want to write about. The second essay is compulsory. Note that some of the cases have additional questions […]

Odd One Out

Odd one out Everyone knows of that one particular person, whether family member, friend or foe, that is all about themselves. Lost deep in the depths of their egocentric minds, these individuals seem to only care about keeping everything In orbit, around them. In “Everyday use” by Alice Walker, the daughter named Dee’ definitely seemed […]

What is Credibility?

With the development and advancement of technology, the access to any kind of information has increased for individuals all around the world. However, with so many different forms of obtaining knowledge, which ones are considered credible and which ones are deemed unreliable? With the issue of the achievement gap, a gap representing the educational differences […]

Amy Tan essay

Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue Throughout the passage of “Mother Tongue,” the author Amy Tan uses strategies In a way to have the reader influenced by the point she is trying to prove. And in this case she is explaining the idea of language in the Asian-American community. She is speaking through multiple perspectives in her […]

Current and Future Anti-platelet Agents

Given the pivotal role of platelets in atherosclerosis, platelet inhibition provides major benefits in the treatment of atherosclerotic disease, both in the acute and preventative settings. Several targets have proven suitable therapeutic targets. Figure 11.3 schematically illustrates the mechanism of action of these agents. Aspirin (Salicylic acid) Aspirin, or salicylic acid, was the earliest known […]

Bedeutend oder Tragische?

Buttered Odder Tragedies? : An Analysis of the “Ninety-Five Theses Rap” In Light of the Textual Evidence of Martin Luther BY hooch Buttered Odder Attracts? An Analysis of the “Ninety-Five Theses Rap” In Light of the Textual Evidence of Martin Luther An iconic figure of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther was not solely a theologian; […]

Postpartum moods

North Carolina Women’s Hospital Mood Changes After Delivering a Baby What moods changes could I have after delivering my baby? During pregnancy and after the birth of your baby you may have many different mood changes and feelings. Being pregnant, going through labor and caring for a baby is all hard work. You may feel […]

A place of important

Later, I went back for a couple of months when I was about twenty-years old. My place of importance is characterized by the capitalist, the beautiful nature, culture/history, and the Journey I had gone through in my hometown. One of the first many things that make the Philippines an important place to me would the […]


The Image of the store was gathered from a number of consumer interviews that we conducted in and around the store. Most nonusers felt that it was a very family friendly locality and the outlet itself was planned In a manner that made It convenient for families. It was also reputed to be easy-to-access, affordable […]

Geography Essay

Farming in El Salvador Since the beginning of the agricultural revolution, fertile arable land has been a resource that has become a very sought after resource. Because of the scarcity of fertile land, countries with soil suitable for agriculture experienced a new presence of large industries, seeking to make a profit off of land that […]