Economics quiz 2-17-15

Question Answer Does anyone know what the stock market is going to do? No, cannot foretell the future Who is the most successful investor? Warren Buffet How did Warren Buffet say he achieved being the most successful investor? He says to hold your stocks for the long term Pain of loss compared to reward from […]

Chapter 2 Review

Question Answer migration Movement of groups of people from one place to another. urbanization The movement of people from rural areas to cities, or urban areas. metropolitan area A city and all the suburbs and other population areas around it. demographer A geographer who studies human populations. thematic map A map with a specific theme […]

Society and Empires of Africa

Question Answer What did all rulers deeply depend on ? Crops and trading salt, grains and cotton. What were slaves traded for in Zazzau ? Horses, harnesses, and guns. How did the rulers of Yoruba feel about art ? They supported it. What type of terrain did the Benin people live in ? Forests. What […]

Dutch Explorer test

Question Answer Explain Dutch Influences in Architecture Steep roofs, front porches, built stone buildings How were Dutch Houses made? Narrow 1st floor, wide second floor What was Peter Stuyvesant's nickname? Peg-leg-Pete What did Peter Stuyvesant do? Cleaned up New Amsterdam Did people like Peter Stuyvesant? No What is New Amsterdam named now> New York City […]

Independence Study Guide

Question Answer What is the "DoI" Letter written to King George 111 that listed grievances against him; declared independence from England; created USA. When was the "DoI" written July 4, 1776 Who mainly wrote the "DoI" Thomas Jefferson Why is the "DoI" important Became an example for other people in the world to follow; still […]

test Review

The Nile begins where East Africa when does the Nile flood between May and September Egyptians' were able to do what with the flood irrigate crops pharaoh Egyptian king King Menes, King Scorpion, and King Narmer did what united all of Egypt the ancient Egyptians believe in what after death life people of people who […]

Texas State Symbols

Question Answer What is the Texas small mammal? 9 Banded Armadillo What is the Texas vegetable? Texas Sweet Onion What is the Texas flying mammal? Mexican Free-Tail Bat What is the Texas state food? Chili What is the Texas state reptile Horned Toad What is the Texas state song? Texas Our Texas What is the […]


Question Answer Famous trapper, hunter, and cleared a path through the wilderness to Kentucky. Daniel Boone Name of the path made by Boone? Cumberland Gap (Warriors' Path) What is the name of his settlement? Boonesboro A boat with a flat bottom and square ends, used to transport heavy loads in shallow water. flatboat Hired by […]

History Vocabulary

Question Answer Conquer To take over and control Mission A settlement, built by a church, from which people teach their religion to others Convert To change from one religion or belief to another

Due March 3, 2015

Question Answer Who was Sima Qian? A historical scholar for china. What did he do for ancient china? Wrote historical records so china could know about their history. Why was it called the silk road? Because mostly silk was traded. What was traded along the silk road? gold, copper, silk, jade, dates, herbs. What else […]


Question Answer the structure of then new national Goverment was based on the virginia plan who was its author James Madison what branch has supreme court and federal courts the branch branch what are some key events of the revoulotionary war boston massacre, tea party, surrender of yorktown, who were key roles in making the […]

Amendments flash cards

Question Answer What amendment number is lawsuits against the states. 11 President and VP on the same ballot 12 Abolished Slavery 13 Citizenship is protected for all people 14 Vote for all no matter race 15 Income Tax 16 Direct Election of Senators 17 Prohibition of Alcohol 18 Women's Suffrage 19 Lame Duck Period 20 […]

The Hebrews and Judiasm

Question Answer the religion of the Hebrews; it is the world’s oldest monotheistic religion Judaism biblical figure, according to the Bible, God led Abraham to Canaan, and Abraham's descendants became the Jewish people Abraham biblical figure, according to the Bible, he led the Hebrew people out of Egypt and back to Canaan in the Exodus. […]

About New Amsterdam

Question Answer What was H. Hudson Looking for? Did he find it? The north west passage, no but he found something way more valuable, the Great lakes and the midwest What is the Granite of NYC called? Manhattan Schist, or just Schist What is the name given to where the glacier ended? The Terminal Moraine, […]


Term Definition Silt fine sand, clay, or other material carried by running water and deposited as a sediment, especially in a channel or harbor Delta a landform that forms at the mouth of a river, where the river flows into an ocean, sea, estuary, lake, or reservoir Irrigation the watering of land to make it […]

VS.8a Virginia History: Reconstruction

Question Answer What did Congress do during reconstruction (after the Civil War)? Congress passed laws designed to help rebuild the country and bring southern states back into the Union. After the Civil War, the problems faced by African Americans included? The need for housing, education, clothing, food, and jobs. Where did many freed African Americans […]

The Amendments

Question Answer What are the rights to Amendment 1? The Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Assembly What are the rights to Amendment 2 The Right to Bear (Own) Arms (Weapons) What are the rights to Amendment 3 The Quartering of Troops (the right to say no to housing troops) What are the rights to […]

Section 6: Chapt 1: Pgs 146-152: Why did it begin?

Question Answer Why did western European countries look for a new route to the East? The demand for spices, The support of rulers throughout Europe, Improvement in shipbuilding and navigation, the Renaissance and Myths and legends. Name three spices the were popular in Europe Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Pepper. For what purposes were spices used? To […]

Section 6: Chapter 2: Pgs 153-156: Explorers from Portugal

Question Answer Give two reasons Prince Henry the Navigator sponsored voyages of exploration He wanted Portugal to gain the gold and jewels. He wanted to spread Christianity. What was set up at Sagres by Prince Henry? He set up a school of Exploration. Name two achievements made by voyages of Prince Henry. The islands of […]

period 2 social studies test

Question Answer What are the Geography's of the ancient content,Africa ? The Sahara,The sahel,Tropical savannah,Rain forest,Niger river What are the natural resources of Africa? Minerals,people,plants What was west Africas most prized mineral? Gold How did the gold-salt trade affect Ghanahs rulers? They did not follow the religion

This is a chapter test on West African Civilization

Question Answer Who is Sunni Ali Ber? Sunni Ali Ber is a Muslim that became king of Songhai in 1654. In 1464, who became king? Sunni Ali Ber. How did the Songhai Empire extended it's territory? By military force. How did Ali Ber treat the people of Djenne? He treated them with forcefulness. In what […]

history work

Question Answer L= Long-term bitterness I= Ineffective M= Money Pr= Propaganda Pg= Programme A= Attacks on other parties Pq= Personal qualities E= Economic Depression R= Recruited by Hindenberg What year did Hitler join the Nazis? 1919 What year did Hindenberg die? 1934 What year did Hitler make bid for power? 1923 What were the consquences […]

Colonization and British Rule

Question Answer During the French and Indian War, Britain gathered large debts protecting their new territory. How did the British decide to pay off their war debts? The British government passed a number of laws, or acts, ordering the colonist to pay new taxes. Why did the colonixt protest aginst the British government when they […]

LEARNING THE GREEK GODS, their Roman names, and their main job. BY DJ.

Greek Name Roman name/Job Poseidon Neptune/the sea Zeus Jupiter/King of the gods + god of lightning Hades Pluto/the Underworld. Apollo Apollo/Light, truth, and music Hera Juno/Marrige Hestia Vesta/Home and Hearth Ares Mars/war (bad side) Hephaestus Vulcan or Mulciber/fire Artemis Diana/Single Women and hunting Athena Minerva/Wisdom and war (good side) Aphrodite Venus/love, beauty, desire, and lust […]

unit 1 chapter five studyguide

Question Answer 5-1 introduction 150 years ago archeologists found out that sumerian people lived.sumerians invented the plow and writing. culture a charactoristic of civilization that includes the believes and behaviors of a society civilization a culture marked by developments in arts,sciences,government,and social structer 5.2 charactoristics of civilization sumer was a hard place to live in […]