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Journal of philosophy

Journal of philosophy

By In Psychology Essay On August 15, 2017

For Mach, as exemplified in his definition of mass, the laws of nature alone are substantial (i. e., permanent). Ostwald’s distinction between intensities and capacities is quite arbitrary. N. W. Bugajew und die idealistischen Probleme der Moskaner mathematischen Schule (pp. 336-387): W. ALEXEJEFF. -Bugajew’s life and publications. The true scientific and philosophic world-view can come only througn the simultaneous application of (1) mathematical analysis, which exhibits the continuity of phenomena, the inflexibility of their laws, which grasps their elements, combines them, and presents their whole past and future, and of (2) arithmology, which deals with the esthetic and ethical sides of the world, with individuality and freedom.

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Ueber Lehren vom Wesen des Seins, besonders in neuester Zeit (pp. 389-420): K. GEISSLER. -A survey of the uses of the term ‘being’ throughout the history of philosophy, closing with the author’s position, that, though we speak of different degrees or grades of being, the actual being we mean is nothing but the relations between those several grades of being. Besprechungen-W. Lexis, Abhandlungen zur Theorie der Bevslkerungs-und Moralstatistik: F. OPPENHEIMER. K. Jol1, Nietzsche und die Romantik: R. RICHTER. F. Jodl, Ludwig Feuerbach: R. RICHTER. J. Freudenthal, Spinoza, sein Leben und seine Lehre: R. RICHTER

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