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Future job

Future job

By In Sociology Essay On June 2, 2017

It is undoubtedly true that money is integral part of our modern lives. Therefore, some believe that high salary is the most important thing in their job but there are some other major factors play an important role in determining choosing a certain job. First of all, a job that offers clear opportunities for advancement can be a good option. Nowadays, many people, especially young people don’t care how much they will earn but opportunities for growth. Getting high position is together with raising social status that makes his family, relatives and friends, colleagues proud of and reverence him. Some job-seekers have an inquiring mind and once day they become mature in knowledge and experience as well as having got some business relationships.

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They are the necessary stepping-stone on the way keeping dream of starting his own business in the future Many job seekers find that it’s better to contribute in a company granting employees with good fringe benefits than work in another with high salary but unfavourable employee benefits. Some common attractive benefits that firms offer or employees hope to be granted such as:

  • life, health, disability, vision, dental insurance;
  • unemployment compensation; periodic medical examination;
  • maternity leave (for female);
  • sick leave; on-the-job training (learning by doing) or off-the-job training or being sent to study abroad; paid holiday;
  • company car (fuel, mileage allowance);
  • canteen (staff lunches, snacks, salads,…);
  • flexible working hours;
  • employee assistance program;
  • relocation scheme;
  • crèche/childcare facilities;
  • performance-related pay;

It’s fringe benefits that give employees confidence in their company and they feel they are getting worthy compensation and ward for their effort and contribution boosting them morale and better performance In many companies, staff working condition is a matter of great concern.

A company with full and adequate facilities help employee take advantage of his full capacity. Besides, a healthy environment is worthy taking into consideration because a harmful, toxic working environment not only has a serious effect on his health but his spouse and children and even future reproductive health. In addition to that, some foreign companies paying employee high salary in exchange for high pressure on work such as workload, or tight deadline or competitive working relationships between colleagues or a severe employer cannot attract job seekers having tendency on leisured life.

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Family considerations are another reason why you should never choose a career based on salary potential alone. Some careers involve sacrifices by the family not just the employee. Some careers may require the family to move abroad, to the other end of the country or perhaps moving every few years causing the whole family to have an unsettled life.

The pay may be high but could you cope with uprooting your spouse and children and taking them away from everything they know, especially if you had to do so every few years. Another thing to consider which job is right for you is how far the workplace is away from your home and how much travel expenses are likely to be. You can easily count expenses in monetary terms, but you should also weigh up the time that it would take you to commute and the number of hours you will be away from your family and how tired it will make you. It may not seem very much when you look at it as a daily time but you should think that you would be commuting for more than one day and consider how much family time it removes from a year. Married individual usually tends to work in state-owned firms because he needs a financial stability to maintain his family’s living condition and a low possibility of being made redundant in fluctuated economy climate.

Therefore, job security sets his mind at rest in his task and mission. If you do what you have passion for, you easily discover inspiration in work and you expressly always try best to pursue your objectives and be ready to face challenges as well as overcoming obstacles on the approaching way to the future successful career. Some job seekers sometimes accept to contribute to an infant company with low level of beginning salary which they believe in its future potential in purpose of getting back worthy compensation in the coming years. Inclusion, no factor is better than other but depending on own choice. Therefore, choosing a job based on which factors is the way on which people satisfy themselves.


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