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Why music should be a mandatory class in high school

Why music should be a mandatory class in high school

By In Sociology Essay On June 14, 2017

Music is the one of the many things that has always been around us. Everybody, or at least most people, has their favorite artist or musical group. Many people have become very involved in music. There are many benefits of learning how to read music besides entertainment. Learning music helps musicians communicate better with one another, it helps increase the learning activity in school, and learning how to read music can also be very fun. This is why I believe that classes such as chorus and band should be mandatory in the high school curriculum.

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Being able to communicate better with other musicians is one of the many ways to become more creative and more involved in music. Even though music is not a language that people can speak it can be completely understood in written form. People’s eyes see the music and it turns into a different light pattern. It turns into shapes which are passed along to their brain. Their brain processes the shapes and recognizes what each shape represents while the other portion of the brain then prepares the motions to be performed by the body to play.

Learning to read music has a great influence in our reading. The type of music we sing or listen to provides improvement in our vocabulary, it teaches tenses and plurals, allows visualization, and encourages good pronunciation. Our memory is strongly affected by the activity in the other parts of the brain. You remember words you’ve spoken better than words you’ve only read or heard. It’s also appears that rhythm can help people in remembering otherwise unconnected information in recalling lists or work well if they have rhythm or a rhyme.

People may say that having a class that is only focusing on learning music should stay the student’s choice or that it is a waste of time .It is also very understandable that a student would be more interested in learning a subject of their choice than one forced upon them. Although, if the school’s main purpose is to make sure the students are to learn the material, under the supervision of the teachers, in class to help them excel in college why not use all the things that can be an accessory to the students learning. If Students learn how to solve math problems using what they learn from music by finding patterns they can better understand the relationships between music and it can help the students identify ways in which the material is taught in school.

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By making music classes mandatory in school it gives all students the opportunity to improve their learning skills. Not only does music go hand in hand with education but it is also fun. Too often students are bored in school and by offering a class like music can change the way they feel. Being in a place where you are able to express yourself is one of the main key concepts to building a great character or being successful and music is a great way to become more social and increase your self-esteem.


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