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Does Technology Make Us More Alone

Does Technology Make Us More Alone

By In Sociology Essay On June 19, 2017

After the teacher has gave us two topic about “Why student are’nt outstanding”and “ Why poeple poor ?” and already divided the team member for us . then we start to have a meeting of our team that we focus on two topic which teacher let us to do it .

In the meeting i devide two group for them to search on our topic . each group have 5 member.




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1.  Mr. Ban KimHeak (leader)Ms. Heng Panhapich Mr.Mouern Sokun Mr. Chhoeu Hokly Mr. Heng Sophat | poor student and poor people | library, internet ,
2.  Mr.Pel Kimsourn (leader)Mr. Ping Tibo ( member ) Ms. Ngem Nai Ion ( member ) Mr. Krem Syna ( member )Mr. Yan Sophors ( member | poor student and poor people | library, internet ,

1. First group : on sunday ,26 , july , 2015 me and Mr. Mourn Sokun have joined a seminar which talk about “How to be outstanding in 21th century “ . this seminar was create by Tin Soklim club youth voluntair in Khmer youth association where held in Panhasastra University. there are three speakers come to share thier experience about “How to be outstanding”, :

  1. Mr. Bin yan ( student of panhasastra university , have a big dream want to be a priminister of Cambodia )
  2. Ms. Eng lida ( the winner of program “your turn “)
  3. Ms. Tor Kimsy (test A student in 2010 who got scholarship to study in Manhattan university of new York , American )
    all of three person I asked only Mr. Bin Yan about how to be outstanding and he told me : to be outstanding student we should have 9 steps below :

1. Have big dream and clearly
2. do future plan and schedule for day
3. make a rule on ourselves
4. study everywhere and all time
5. strongly determination
6. good thinking and open mind
7. sharing and kindness
8. learn about our fault
9. good at relationship and create opportunity

More than this we are use our own ideas such as :

1.Ourselves :

  • never set timetable
  • never care about the goal in future
  • no strongly determination and poor ideas.
  • think badly to ourselves.
  • don’t know how to be outstanding.
  • no searching to improve the knowledge.
  • no time to relaxing and felt stress.
  • hate the books and studying.
  • keep thinking that we already clever.
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2.Family :

  • violent in family
  • have the poor family
  • their parents keep old concept ( on women)
  • no motivation from their parents
  • there someone look down on

For second topic i search it in Google on the book “ Rich dad poor dad “becuase in this book has showed about the different between rich and poor :

  • Poor always believe on the fate
  • Use shuts down thinking ‘I can’t afford it ‘
  • Money is not importance
  • House is asset
  • Work for money
  • Don’t know what is financial
  • Just focused only on academic literacy

2. Second group : they have use internet and use their own ideas Such as :

1. Society

  • the flowing of drug and alcohol
  • full of the gangster
  • there a lot of entertainment place ( bar, KTV, Karaoke…ect)
  • the flowing of mix culture

2. Healthy

  • Brain is low in thinking
  • Haven’t enough food
  • Got a disease

All ideas a bow some ideas we use our own ideas and we seach from ministry of youth and sport .

For second topic : we are use our own ideas and search in internet such as :

1. Control of life

  • Poor feel they are subject to vagaries of life and life controls event taking place in their lives.
  • Poor feel lazy to work
  • never study and make a job
  • Poor never make a plan for their life
  • They don’t how to business or no knowledge

2. Money

  • The poor all the time terrified of investing in stock market with the result that more often than not , they lose money.
  • Income and Expense are not check in balance

3. Opportunity and obstacle

  • Poor keep thinking how they will overcome these obstacles whereas rich keep their focus on opportunities as they the resources to overcome obstacles easily.
  • Poor never make opportunities for them self

4. Dreaming

  • don’t have a big dreaming
  • poor dream small , do small things

For the result of team : make all our member more smart than befor and have a lot of ideas, they are have unity in team ,they are brave and dare to show their own ideas , can search some document in internet well and know how to desing slide for presentation….etc.

3. Obstacles

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1. Obstacles

  • they don’t have the time to join in seminar and servation
  • some member don’t know how to search in internet


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